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Aizawl Theological College

Aizâwl Theological College was started in 1907 as a humble theological school to train native Christians for various ministries of the church. Rev. D.E. Jones, popularly known as Pu Zosâphluia among the Mizos was the first missionary to take up the task of establishing a theological school in Aizawl. (It should be remembered that the first Mizo Christians were baptised only in 1899). This small theological school continued to survive during the difficult period of the First World War. Theologically trained Mizo pastors such as Rev. Chhuahkhama, Rev. Liangkhaia and Rev.Saiaithanga were instrumental in running the school in its early stage. In 1924, the theological school was shifted from Aizâwl to Durtlâng at the present site of the Presbyterian Hospital. Rev. F.J. Sandy looked after the school with the help of other Mizo teachers. But due to the sudden demise of Rev. Sandy the school was moved back to Aizâwl in 1927. It was entrusted to the care of Rev. E.L.Mendus. During those days primary school education in the state was managed by the Presbyterian Church. As a matter of fact, the Mizos received their present day language script from the missionaries. It is, therefore, no wonder that the entire system of primary school education remained under their supervision. Therefore, the Church also opened a training school for teachers. Both the Theological School and Teachers' Training School shared the same instructors and many of their subjects were similar. It was in 1994 that the Senate of Serampore College allowed Aizâwl Theological College to start the B.D. programme on a provisional affiliation basis. Rev. Dr. Zaihmingthanga was made Principal of the College that very year. Thus the college began to run two degree programmes, B.Th. and B.D.. The G.Th. college diploma programme was discontinued while the lay theological education programme was further consolidated. The missionary training programme was however moved to the old college campus in Mission Vengthlang. A new programme, the Calvin Study Centre was started in the college.

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