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Education is the elixir of life. It is the touchstone which initiates self-revelation and gives scope for creativity. Education is the bridge between knowledge about the surroundings, the outer world and the inner self, the soul and mind of an individual.Rammohan College has passed 47 glorious years of existence since its inception serving society in a meaningfull way, catering to the higher education needs of girls of Kolkata, its suburbs and its neighbour states.India has a very old reputed heritage of sustainable education which is being recognised throughout the world. We now need an education system with a strong platform for the protection and preservation of India’s knowledge, culture and spiritualism which must be merged with western teaching methods and technology. The ultimate target is academic excellence and learning-based economic progress. The aim of this college has been to enlighten its girl students with text book knowledge together with value-based education, develop in them a responsible attitude towards life and equip them with a sense of duty towards other members of the society.On passing out of the college, our students mature as individuals and hold responsible positions in different sectors of society. The role the college plays in offering them proper and right kind of environment for their development into mature, responsible, good individuals is very vital.The different faculty members through their sincere, dedicated guidance help the students in their honest endeavour to develop into good human beings and members of the society.I welcome all students who intend to take admission to this college and become a part of this esteemed institution.

For Admissions

Tapan Kumar Ghosh
[email protected]
+91 3323505687 | +91 3323543853

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102/1, Raja Rammohan Sarani
West Bengal


University of Calcutta

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