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Founded in November 1948, Saarland University was originally established as a bilingual university that combined French and German educational traditions while offering a unique European perspective. The university, which was established with the support of the French Government and the University of Nancy, was the first to be founded west of the River Rhine after the Second World War. At the time Saarland found itself in the special situation of being partly autonomous and linked to France by economic and monetary union. Prior to the foundation of the University, clinical training courses for medical students had been introduced at the state hospital in Homburg/Saar in January 1946 with the "Centre Universitaire d'Études Supérieures de Hombourg" established on 8 May 1947 under the patronage of the University of Nancy.

The Saarland University is involved with numerous initiatives and activities to further improve the quality of teaching and learning. You can track the number of ongoing activities or enter new impulses and ideas to the point of contact study quality . ### With the goal of maintaining a high level of education at the University of Saarland and the quality in teaching and learning to develop sustainably, is at the University since 2008, the quality management system in teaching and learning (QUS) was developed and established systematically. With the quality management system handles the UdS the institutional responsibility for quality assurance and development, as required by the policy statements on the Bologna process (especially Berlin Communiqué) and the Saarland University Act. Thus, the university also changed the quality requirements into account, resulting from the introduction of bachelor's and master's degree programs.

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