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Sualkuchi Budram Madhab Satradhikar College, Sualkuchi is a premier institution of higher education for both men and women. The college was established on the 1st August 1963. The college has been titled in the sweet memories of two great Vaishnavite monks of Sualkuchi. They are Late Budram Mahanta, a saintly person and Late Madhab Mahanta who donated 42 bighas of land for the cause of higher education in Sualkuchi.Sualkuchi, famous for its Silk and Muga industries, is situated on the North bank of river Brahmaputra. Most people of this village are industrious and hospitable. Their great love for education led them to venture the establishment of this institution of higher education. The college was established with the help of public donation of the locality. Some special donors for the establishment of the college were Late Hrishikesh Dewan, Late Lohit Dewan and Sarukhel Goyan Raij Gairah. The founder president was Late Ganesh Ch. Das, Vice-President was Late Dr. Narayan Ch. Kakati. Founder Jt. Secretaries were Late Hem Kanta Das and Ex-Head of the Department of History Prof. Karmeswar Baishya. The college came under the deficit system of grants-in-aid in December 1972.

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