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We're proud to be one of three campuses of the world-class University of Illinois. Every year, approximately 5,000 students enroll to earn a U of I degree where classes are small and professors really know their students. Susan J. Koch is the Chancellor and Vice President of the University of Illinois (UIS). She has served in senior leadership roles at two public regional universities prior to her arrival at UIS. We have some of the most prized attributes of private colleges: small class sizes; high-quality programs; courses taught by faculty with terminal degrees; personalized interaction between faculty and students; and hands-on, experiential learning. The arts greatly enhance our academic programs and create a rich cultural experience on campus. Each of our main buildings reserves space for artistic endeavors, and we are proud to share our resources with the Central Illinois community. We strive to create a campus climate that celebrates diversity and eliminates divisions, intolerance, and stereotyping, making every student feel welcome.

We are proud to be one of three campuses of the world class University of Illinois. Your degree will be among the most recognizable and prestigious in the nation and open doors for you in whatever field you choose. ### We are the U of I campus where classes are small (student-professor ratio averages 15:1) and professors know their students – not just their names but their strengths and their goals. You’ll enjoy the close relationships that naturally occur with these teacher-scholars. Professors, not teaching assistants, teach our classes at both the undergraduate and graduate level. ### You can’t swing the proverbial cat at the Illinois Statehouse without hitting a UIS graduate. The same goes for Illinois’ state agencies, lobbying firms, and dozens of non-profit organizations. Coincidence? Hardly. Strong programs in Political Science, Legal Studies, Public Administration and Criminal Justice, along with extraordinary connections to government create the perfect storm to produce generation after generation of leaders dedicated to public service. ### Both undergraduates and graduate students are not only invited but encouraged to share labs and projects with professors, and to publish and present alongside them. UIS is home to research institutes such as the Center for State Policy and Leadership and owns research facilities such as the Emiquon Field Station, where students work alongside scientists from the Nature Conservancy, documenting one of the largest wetlands restorations in the world. ### The difference between UIS and other online programs? The same professors who teach in the classrooms teach in our 16 entirely online degree programs and the dozens of online classes offered each semester. Every term, you’ll find more than 50 percent of all UIS students taking at least one online class.

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