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The University of Toronto is committed to being an internationally significant research university, with undergraduate, graduate and professional programs of excellent quality. The University of Toronto is dedicated to fostering an academic community in which the learning and scholarship of every member may flourish, with vigilant protection for individual human rights, and a resolute commitment to the principles of equal opportunity, equity and justice. Within the unique university context, the most crucial of all human rights are the rights of freedom of speech, academic freedom, and freedom of research. And we affirm that these rights are meaningless unless they entail the right to raise deeply disturbing questions and provocative challenges to the cherished beliefs of society at large and of the university itself. It is this human right to radical, critical teaching and research with which the University has a duty above all to be concerned; for there is no one else, no other institution and no other office, in our modern liberal democracy, which is the custodian of this most precious and vulnerable right of the liberated human spirit.

The University of Toronto is determined to build on its past achievements and so enhance its research and teaching. The University anticipates that it will remain a large university. It will continue to exploit the advantages of size by encouraging scholarship in a wide range of disciplines in the humanities, social sciences, sciences and the professions. ### Research Providing an environment conducive to research; Emphasizing research, publication and related professional contributions in defining the career expectations of professorial staff; Ensuring that faculties and schools engaged in undergraduate teaching also engage in graduate teaching and research; Maintaining a capacity to respond selectively to new fields of research as they emerge; Requiring national and international peer assessment of the quality of its programs; Collaborating with other universities, industry, business, the professions, public sector institutions and governments, where appropriate to research objectives; Providing information, library and research services of the highest international standards. ### Undergraduate Education Ensuring that the teaching and counselling of undergraduates is a normal obligation of every member of the faculty; Ensuring that professorial staff draw on their research to enrich their teaching; Continuing to welcome, and serve the needs of, qualified students, both full- and part-time, from Metropolitan Toronto and the Province of Ontario and elsewhere; Providing for breadth and depth in all undergraduate programs. ### Graduate Education Ensuring the provision of a broad range of graduate programs; Ensuring that high standards of scholarship are maintained in all graduate programs by submitting them regularly to international peer review, and strengthening or discontinuing any found wanting; Increasing its ability to provide adequate financial support for graduate students. ### Life-long Learning Providing to persons in professional practice and to members of the community at large opportunities to study and to use its facilities; Helping other institutions, professional organizations and learned societies through the provision of facilities and expertise.

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