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Adaikalamatha Institute of Teacher Education

The name and style of the proposed institution for Teacher Education is Adaikalamatha Institute of Teacher Education. It has lofty goals and ideals to cater teacher education in the rural areas of Vallam, Thanjavur, preparing the aspiring youngsters and transform them as good and competent teachers and make them as best and constructive builders of the future builders of our Nation. The Adaikalamatha Educational Health and Charitable Trust wherein educaitionists and protaganists of several years of competent experience in academic and acamedic administration, are sponsoring the Adaikalamatha Institute for Teacher Education. They have the relevant potentials and required talents to shape the proposed Institution as a best and serviceable institution in the rural area. The location of the Adaikalamatha Institute of Teacher Education is Vallam, Thanjavur. vallam is a Rural historical place inhabited mostly by agriculturists. It is located Seven Kilometers from Thanjavur on the Thanjavur-Trichy National Highways at Vallam, Route Buses and also Town Buses are plying often touching Vallam. Vallam is an important station on the Thanjavur-Trichy National Highways. Vallam is now blessed with several educational institutions for Technical and education for Arts and Science.

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