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Best universities to study psychology
Best universities to study psychology


Do you find the human mind fascinating? Do you want to know why and how people behave the way they do? You could learn anything in a psychology course, from why people overshare in casual conversations to how seemingly calm people become violent.

Psychology is the study of people's thoughts, actions, reactions, and interactions. It is the scientific study of human (and animal) behaviour, as well as the thoughts and emotions that influence it. If this is something that interests you, continue reading to learn about the best universities and degrees available in the UK.

What can I learn?

Psychology is one of the most popular bachelor's degree subjects. Your first year should give you a solid foundation in basic psychology, as well as an introduction to the fascinating realm of psychological statistics. After this, you can study child development, cognitive psychology, criminal psychology, memory, emotion, and motivation, or courses that delve at individual and group social psychology.

Entry Requirements

Some courses need biology, chemistry, mathematics, or physics at A-level, but others do not (or equivalent). Psychology, sociology, computing, and computer science are all useful subjects. Maths at GCSE grade 6/B may be required (or equivalent).

What jobs can I get?

Some graduates go on to become professional psychologists, which requires more education, or you can become a  clinical, forensic, criminal, educational or occupational psychologist is another option.

You'll have a wide range of skills, including teamwork, logic, and empathy, so you'll have a lot of possibilities. Human resources departments, education, social work, law, the media, IT, and healthcare are among places where psychology graduates can be found.

Below are the best rated universities in the UK to study psychology according to the complete university guide.

5) UCL (University College Of London)

The UCL Division of Psychology and Language Sciences is the world's second-best psychology programme according to the Shanghai Global Ranking of Academic Subjects 2021. The UCL Division of Psychology and Language Sciences is one of the UK's biggest research and teaching centres in psychology,  Its cutting-edge research is well-known across the world. They have cutting-edge resources such as large labs for speech and language study, perception and cognitive research, a brain imaging centre, and a behavioural neuroscience laboratory. The British Psychological Society has accredited and examined the curriculum (BPS). Graduates have the opportunity to become members of the BPS, which is the preliminary stage for a career in psychology.


?        BSc (Hons) natural sciences

?        BSc (Hons) psychology & language sciences

?        BSc (Hons) psychology

?        BA/BSc (Hons) Psychology with education

?        MSci (Hons) natural sciences

?        MSci (Hons) psychology & language sciences

?        MSci (Hons) psychology (year abroad)


There are 29 psychology degrees to select from, ranging from the study of the brain to the intricate social relationships of people and animals. At St Andrew’s, research-led education is provided by top professors. The Guardian University Guide 2022 and The Complete University Guide 2022 placed psychology at St Andrew’s #1 in Scotland. The National Student Survey 2021 ranked the University of St Andrews as the best in the UK for student academic experience. More than 93 per cent of St Andrews final-year students rated the University's learning and teaching experience as excellent. At the end of your course, there’s an opportunity to study abroad at either various universities in America, Australia and Canada.


?        MA (hons) English & psychology (optional year abroad)

?        MA (hons) international relations & psychology (optional year abroad)

?        MA (hons) management & psychology (optional year abroad)

?        MA (hons) psychology & social anthropology (optional year abroad)

?        MA (hons) philosophy & psychology (optional year abroad)

?        MA (hons) psychology (optional year abroad)

+         23 more courses


The Experimental Psychology Department at Oxford University is largely recognised as one of the best in the United Kingdom. Because of the department's size and commitment to teaching and research, four to five research seminars are held each week in addition to undergraduate lectures and courses. Currently, there’s strong research groups in human cognitive functions, social and developmental psychology, and psychological disorders. Learners can benefit from the department's reputation as one of the most active centres for psychology studies in the United Kingdom, with an excellent international reputation.


?        BA (Hons) experimental psychology

?        BA (Hons) psychology & linguistics

?        BA (Hons)  psychology & philosophy

?        BA (honsHonsilosophy & linguistics


There’s a reason this university is second, Bath's Department of Psychology is housed in a £30 million building that serves as a venue for lectures, group sessions, and computer work. Advanced psychological research space is available on two floors, including a biopsychology suite with two-way mirror, sensory and pain research suite,  crossmodal research lab a virtual reality lab with motion sensing cameras rooms for observation, interview, and focus group research a biopsychology suite with a two-way mirror, sensory and pain research suite, and crossmodal laboratory. Over half of students go on to pursue advanced psychological training.


?        MSci (Hons) psychology (sandwich year)

?        BSc (Hons) Psychology (sandwich year)

?        MSci (Hons) psychology

?        BSc (Hons) psychology

?        BA (Hons) education with psychology

?        BA (Hons) education with psychology (sandwich year)


Coming in first is Cambridge, one of the world's finest colleges with more than 23,000 students from more than 140 countries attending the university. PBS is a course that covers a wide range of topics relevant to understanding behaviour, such as behavioural neuroscience in animals, neuroscience in humans, neurophysiology, cognitive psychology, social psychology, and the study of atypical developmental stages in adult psychopathology. You'll also learn advanced research methodologies, statistics, and programming to help you interact critically with scientific literature and prepare for your final year research dissertation.


?        BA (Hons) psychological & behavioural sciences

?        Natural Sciences

We hope this guide has been helpful, and we wish you the best in your studies!


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