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How To Find A Medical Scholarship - In The UK
How To Find A Medical Scholarship - In The UK



There is no doubt that studying medicine is costly, with a five-year average programme, so any additional financing you can obtain would be beneficial. This is especially true if you are pursuing medicine as a second degree, since you will not be eligible for Student Finance loans, regardless of whether you have previously used them.  


The average cost of a medical degree for a UK student is £9,000 per year, but it may be as high as £38,000 per year for overseas students (even before the pandemic). The cost, on the other hand, is determined by the medical school. Humanities and social science degrees are the least expensive at all levels, but laboratory and clinical degree programmes are significantly more expensive.  





For students who may require financial assistance throughout their studies, all UK medical schools offer many scholarships and bursaries. International Students Scholarships are also available to students. If you are accepted onto an approved programme, you may be eligible for financial assistance from the NHS in the United Kingdom.  



There are five types of financial assistance available: 


* Loan for tuition fees. 


* University bursaries and scholarships. 


* Bursary from the National Health Service. 


* Loan for upkeep (living costs). 


* Private bursaries and scholarships. 


* Loan for professional studies. 



In Scotland, on the other hand, you can study medicine for free at any university in the UK if your parent or spouse has lived or worked in Scotland for at least three years before you begin your medical degree, or if they claim unemployment benefits for at least three years in Scotland and can't find work. 





The first place to seek medicine-specific grants is at the college or university where you will be studying. Scholarships for medical students are available at certain universities, so check to see if yours does. Because these funds will be in high demand, be sure you understand exactly what they provide and when you may apply.  


Here are a handful of the finest scholarships available at universities around the United Kingdom: 


Imperial College London Faculty of Medicine – Imperial College London offers a variety of scholarships for students interested in pursuing an MBBS or BSc in medicine. 


QMUL John Abernethy (Barts) Scholarship for Medicine – Scholarships for medical and dental students pursuing an MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery) or BDS (Bachelor of Dental Surgery) are available at Queen Mary University of London.  The scholarship is available for British and foreign students.  The awarded student of this scholarship continues to learn for five years, unlike the majority of scholarships, which do not usually exceed three years. 

University of Edinburgh/Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh – This is a three-year part-time online distance learning programme with scholarships for British and foreign students available at this college. A master's degree in internal medicine or a master's degree in critical care is the courses available. 


Hull York International Medical College Scholarship – This College offers scholarships for medical education which benefits both international and British students. It should be emphasised that this award is exclusively available to students studying medicine or surgery. Essentially, it is provided based on merit and financial need, as is the case with the majority of scholarships. 


University Of Oxford -  Oxford, one of the world's most recognised and distinguished universities, provides a six-year undergraduate programme and a four-year graduate programme in medicine for scholars. 




NHS Student Bursaries – The NHS, one of the most well-known funding organisations for medical students and the backbone of Britain. The NHS awards a considerable number of grants each year to students studying medicine. Eligibility varies; however, these bursaries are normally exclusively accessible to British citizens. 


British Government Scholarship - This website has over 1,500 government scholarships available worldwide in all academic fields, including scholarships to study pharmacy in the Uk, medicine, and surgery in its numerous disciplines. 


International Pharmacy Scholarship – Each year, Birmingham College aspires to award five overseas scholarships, each one worth £3,000. The scholarships essentially pay tuition expenses for a five-year programme at the University of Birmingham. To continue receiving this scholarship each year, your academic performance must constantly be outstanding. 


Cancer Research UK Birmingham Centre - This is a prominent Cancer Research UK-supported doctorate training programme that offers fully financed non-clinical and clinical PhD fellowships located at the Cancer Research UK Birmingham Centre. There are only two studentships available, therefore competition is fierce. 


GREAT Scholarships - This service offers scholarships to students from Bangladesh, China, Egypt, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Malaysia, Mexico, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Turkey in a variety of subjects. 

Each scholarship covers the cost of a one-year postgraduate degree and is worth a minimum of £10,000 in tuition fees. 


Global Scholarship of Excellence - A one-year scholarship here costs £2,000, and all applicants who have been accepted into a British medical school are indeed eligible. Postgraduate master's studies in medical and dental sciences are also eligible for these scholarships, contact your perspective University for more information. 




We hope that this guide has been helpful, and we wish you the best in finding your perfect scholarship, good luck! 








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