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Northwestern University is a private institution founded in 1851 to serve the Northwest Territory, an area that now includes the states of Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin and parts of Minnesota. In 1853, the founders purchased a 379-acre tract of land on the shore of Lake Michigan 12 miles north of Chicago. They established a campus and developed the land near it, naming the surrounding town Evanston in honor of one of the University's founders, John Evans. After completing its first building in 1855, Northwestern began classes that fall with two faculty members and 10 students. Sixteen presidents have presided over Northwestern in the years since. The University has grown to include 12 schools and colleges, with additional campuses in Chicago and Education City in Qatar. On May 31, 1850, nine men gathered in a law office above a hardware store in Chicago to plan a university that would serve the former Northwest Territory, a vast region that included what are now the states of Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, and a part of Minnesota. Given that they had little money, no land, limited higher educational experience -- only one had even attended college -- their vision may have seemed a bit ambitious. But through a combination of creative financing, shrewd politicking, religious inspiration, and an abundance of hard work, the founders of Northwestern University were able to make that dream a reality. The founders were strong Methodists: three of them were Methodist ministers, and before the meeting all those in attendance joined in prayer. Nevertheless, they also firmly believed that Northwestern should be an institution that would serve people of all religions. Three key leaders were John Evans, Orrington Lunt, and Grant Goodrich. Northwestern University was officially established on January 28, 1851, when its Act of Incorporation was passed by the Illinois legislature. Nevertheless, Northwestern didn't enroll a student until November 1855. As John Evans stated in 1852 when offered the opportunity to purchase some land in Chicago, "We haven't a red cent. We've been doing the wind work."

Northwestern offers aid based on demonstrated financial need. A variety of other financing options are available for those who are not eligible for need-based aid. ### Aid is available to a small group of international students. ### Institutional aid can only be applied to 12 quarters of enrollment unless you are enrolled in a pre-approved five-year program. Federal aid may be available for a longer period.

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