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Sakthi Engineering College

Situated close to Chennai Metropolis, the College is one of the foremost centres of graduate and professional education in the state of Tamil Nadu. The range and depth of resources at the college have few peers. Within easy reach on the same campus and other sites, the college combines all the advantages of a comprehensive institution in the Engineering with a full complement of professional schools. Clearly, the undergraduate and post-graduate programmes in Engineering at the College offer its students the optimum setting in tertiary education: specialized programmes with a contingent of accessible and dedicated faculty members, within a large, highly diverse college offerings nearly unlimited academic opportunities and resources. Lecture and Laboratory areas are modern and well-equipped; the college has extensive links with IT facilities for the benefit of students. The college ensures that all students have the opportunity to acquire and develop personal and transferable skills, such as technical communication and team-working skills, which are directly appropriate to their future courses.Top & Best Engineering college in Tamilnadu.

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CTH Road
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Anna University of Technology, Chennai

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